The Marketing of my site worked! Now what?

The Marketing of my site worked! Now what?

Online Marketing can be broken down into a few different areas which all have their place in the online world.

First there is SEO (search engine optimisation) which is perfect for getting visitors to your site. But this is all that SEO is concerned with.

Then there is SEM (search engine marketing) which utilises PPC (Pay Per Click) methods such as Google AdWords to essentially buy traffic on to your site by bidding on certain keywords which your site is relevant for.

After that comes website optimisation which is geared towards really making your site convert. It is solely concerned with making visitors click the right buttons and fill in forms on your site so that you can contact them with regards to their enquiry.

Don’t make them think!

The basic premise with website marketing or indeed any marketing is that you cannot allow yourself to make it too complicated. You have got to always be focusing on the lowest  common denominator and ensuring that your marketing mesages can be understood by whomever that might be in your target market.

This same message hold true once your marketing campaigns have done their job. You have driven users to your site and they have “taken the bait” and asked a question or filled in a form, or whatever action you needed them to take.

Get the balance right.

The place where a lot of businesses fall over and disappoint their customers is in their systems and procedures and indeed their internal processes. (There is marketing relevance here)

Online marketing needs to be concerned with every part of the value chain – from the initial enquiry online through to the final delivery of the product which has been ordered. Each one of the following touch points are critical to ensuring that the customer is happy and comes back to your company again.

Business Process :

The processes  that potential customers and paying clients are funneled through as they interact & deal with your company. If these are not properly streamlined; you might not just have a frustrated customer on your hands, but also revenue might be lost through to customers cancelling orders.

This gets worse from an operations point of view as you might be losing revenue due to incorrect ordering and even poor utilisation of man hours.

Business processes are vitally important to ensure that your company is running smoothly and efficiently. BizAgi is an excellent FREE process modeler.

Business Systems :

The business systems are the touch points that your staff and customers need to interact with when ordering. These need to be periodically assessed to make sure that you are using the correct systems for your needs. As a business, especially from a marketing point of view – a client and potential clients is hugely impatient! If your systems are clunky and take your staff too long to process orders or to source goods to supply, you are going to have to find new clients to service as the current ones are going to leave.

Marketing dove-tails with all of the above as a main function of marketing is not only to attract customers; but also to retain them. Sloppy & cumbersome systems and processes make this very difficult to do.

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  1. As you put it, getting the balance right is crucial in converting your visitors into sales or leads. Having quality and attractive call-to-actions works well, however if these lead to pages that become irritating or difficult to fill out and complete, then you’re efforts (and money) are being completely waisted.

    Take a look at the bounce rate of the specific landing page where you are trying to convert visitors. A bounce rate of over 35% is not good.

  2. We do believe in online marketing but we face a problem: South African culture(s) is not really internet minded and you cannot blame the people who grow up in a verbally orientated environment for that. About 90% of the South African internet users (this is our experience) are able to search on Google for Soekershof (that’s us). On top of the homepage we published our contact details. Next thing they do is phone us to ask info about opening times, road directions, etc.. When we ask them if they have internet they respond mostly with “Yes, I’m on your website now”.
    -“Well …., just scroll a little bit down and you find all relevant details…” Etc.
    We were once advised to leave the telephone number out and what happened?
    “Why don’t you have a telephone number on your website. I had to wait half an hour to get your number from enquiries ….”. Etc. etc.
    So the is listed again.
    Online marketing as we do works but only for a small group of South Africans (approx. 65% of the Soekershof visitors are from SA). It works far better for potential overseas visitors. A printout of the homepage with all relevant details fits 1 A4 and even first time visitors from abroad drive straight from Cape Town (or whereever) to our place without having to ask along the road …. (no offence BTW)

  3. Hi Herman,

    No offence taken whatsoever!

    You do make a good point that your site is attracting visitors from overseas as well as South Africa.
    However, this does not detract from the fact that they found you online and should therefor be able to conduct business with you online – no matter where they found you.

    I would be interested to chat to you further about this and what else you have tested and seen gone wrong.
    Drop me a mail if you would like to chat further :


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