Internet Marketing For Entrepreneurs

Using Web Strategy For Business Success

Internet Marketing For Entrepreneurs

This collection of B2B marketing thoughts, theories and tactics goes a long way in describing and explaining why marketing is a critical part of all businesses future as well as why the mastering of the art is in the det

Internet Marketing For Entrepreneurs covers critical planning, execution and measurement steps including :

  • Alignment to Business Strategy
  • Online Marketing Tactics including: SEO; Mobile; Social and PPC
  • Value Proposition and Positioning Statements
  • How psychology effects your marketing initiatives
  • Measuring your results with relevant metrics.

This is a must read if you want to ensure that your business reaps all the benefits that the digital revolution can bring!

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  1. Hey Anton! It is going to be on Amazon and Barnes & Noble – as both a hard copy and eBook! 🙂

  2. Great Success. Looking forward to reading it. Still have to figure out how to get an autographed kindle copy 🙂

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