Brand Audit

Brand Audit

brand auditBrand audits sound extremely scary and that they are something that should cost a fortune; but the truth of the matter is that they are not as scary as they sound.

A brand audit is quite simply a look at how your brand is being portrayed across different marketing collateral; from email signatures and pamphlets through to websites and branded clothing.

See the gist of it is that everything that you do with your brand on it should be speaking the same language; telling the same story and portraying your company image in the best possible light. When it is not; you are basically saying to your potential and current clients; “we don’t care enough about our own house; so we probably care less about what we do for you!”.

Not the message you want to be sending!

To find out a little more about our brand audits and to get a detailed quote on what it will cost to get your house in order; give us a shout!

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