Social Media Entrepreneurs

Social Media Entrepreneurs

social media entrepreneur

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well! This is probably not news to you; but it is something that I have noticed more and more recently and I feel it is worth mentioning especially as there is a direct correlation (I feel) between the proliferation of social media and social networks and entrepreneurs.

Something that I have noticed recently; at least in South Africa; is that large organisations are no longer “the dream” in terms of future employment. More and more people of all ages are taking the plunge in creating their own empires from the ground up! Grasping entrepreneurial ideals by the horns and grappling with the challenges and the triumphs that are all part and parcel of being an entrepreneur.

This is however not a musing on the rising art of the entrepreneur; but rather a look on how social media is advancing the cause of the entrepreneur. Effectively no matter what your entrepreneurial idea is these days; you need to be an expert in social media. A Social Media Entrepreneur; if you will.

I agree completely that the spirit of entrepreneurship stretches far past the promotion and socialisation of your idea or concept. Being an entrepreneur encompasses everything from conceptualisation; business model generation; revenue models as well as the operational execution of the idea. However at the core of being an entrepreneur is the ability to give an idea life. The ability to get your idea to market. The ability to find and engage with an audience that is receptive to your idea.

This is why entrepreneurs need to be social media experts as well as business experts. Entrepreneurs network with other entrepreneurs; they share ideas and experiences and engage online (as well as offline) with each other. Further than that – entrepreneurs need to be close to and understand the needs and wants of their customer base.

Social media provides this link for the entrepreneur between a network of like-minded individuals who are striving to create their own empires and those who are willing to support you and engage in your product or service that can answer to their business need. Social media strategy is now almost a prerequisite in formulating a business concept.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs today embrace the principles of social media and incorporate these ideals into their businesses (as social business). They break down the silos that are traditionally inherent in business and allow the free flowing share of knowledge and information to proliferate across the organisation (internally and externally).

The principles of socialising entrepreneurial spirit is not a new one. My view is that social networks are just accelerating the speed at which ideas are being spread and socialised (excuse the pun).

As the ages of social media and entrepreneurs intertwine; it is vitally important that your next and current ventures embrace and engage with your stakeholders as soon as possible. This allows for greater buy-in from your intended audience early so that they are part of development and in time the success of your venture!

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