Social Business: 5 characteristics of a connected enterprise

Social Business: 5 characteristics of a connected enterprise

Unlock Social Business within your organisationSocial business is a term that is taking the business world by storm of late. Some have defined it as the zenith of social media marketing – in other words a way that social media can finally prove its worth to the organisation. Others define it as a way of digitizing the pre-existing social relationships within your organisation.

Technically; both of these definitions have a glimmer of truth to them Рthey could be opposite sides of the social business coin. Essentially though; there are 5 characteristics (developed by Bernie) that make up a true social business; and they are :

  1. Executive level buy-in
  2. Marketing is NOT a department
  3. Investment in social technologies
  4. Employee branding
  5. Data driven marketing

These 5 characteristics of a social business really cut to the heart of why an organisation would want to undertake a journey along this path to unlock social collaboration.

This journey does not only benefit your staff by allowing them to share ideas and stimulate connections and conversation; but the possibilities for advanced problem-solving and innovation are essentially endless which means that your clients and business as a whole can greatly benefit from social business thinking.

In the video below; David Graham and I are interviewed by Bernie Borges of Find And Convert on his Social Business TV show; “The Social Business Engine“. During the interview we unpack the social business characteristics and explore a little further how Deloitte South Africa has progressed down this road to true social collaboration through new and innovative social technologies.

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