Mobile website or Mobile Application : Which one’s better?

Mobile website or Mobile Application : Which one’s better?

The debate around this has been raging for quite some time now; with each side having its own set of pro’s and con’s. Some of the major differences are cost; speed of roll out; performance and maintenance.

The last one on that list is what I want to bring in to focus here with a case in point. Computicket have opened bookings for the Lady Gaga concert which is coming to South Africa in November of 2012. They have opened the bookings through a new system which they are piloting for high traffic events. This new system essentially makes users queue online to decrease the load on their booking systems and ensure a crash-free booking experience.

There is a problem though…

The new queue booking system works on the standard browser version of their site; it works on the mobile version of their site; but it does not work on the iPad Application version.

The problem is that the application cannot direct and redirect to the new system without a major overhaul of the application; so as a result the user’s experience is suffering.

Computicket now have a choice to make. Do they redevelop the application to fit with the queuing requirements of large events such as this? Do they leave the app as is and continue to disappoint users who have downloaded the app and enjoyed their experience until now?

For my money; I would have made the error message automatically direct the user to the relevant page on their website and seamlessly ensure that the user experience was not too compromised.

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