Exclusive Books Looks to Gamification

Exclusive Books Looks to Gamification

In a very interesting move by Exclusive Books; they have added a new layer on to their very successful online store front. On the 21st of June, 2012 Exclusive Books have added Gamification principles to their website.

Gamification essentially is defined as:

the application of game-design principles to non-game situations—is gaining traction among businesses that want to engage employees and customers. But can games help solve critical strategic challenges? And can they actually address serious business problems?

Remove the geek speak from that and you are left with something along the lines of:

Taking the things that makes games psychologically fun to play, competition, leader-board’s, community, etc. and applying those things to business. Making it ‘fun’ for stakeholders to complete certain tasks as there is a “reward” offered for doing it.

In the Exclusive Books example, they are giving their website visitors the chance to rate various items using “stickers“. These stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each of which mean different things. Exclusive Books claim that these stickers will make it more fun for their users to find and share the things that interest them most.

For example, you can rate products with the star ratings (1 through 5). You can share things with the Twitter, email and Facebook stickers.

Each time you rate or share; you “earn” smileys which then unlock various discounts which you can redeem on products that you would like to buy. In essence the more smileys you have the better your discounts will be.

This is what gamification is all about. Exclusive Books are solving a few business needs here:

  1. They are making their site more socially relevant as you are sharing your likes with your network of friends and followers; this will then in turn drive more traffic to their site.
  2. They are getting their audience engaged with a vested interest which is to save money.
  3. This adds up to them selling more books

The only worry is that the system might be too complicated for some to grasp and elements of it might fall down with specific demographics of users. We are hoping and assuming that the vast majority or the Exclusive’s customer base are online shoppers and that they are early adopters of these new trends and gaming technologies.

Either way; this bold adoption of a principle that many businesses are still struggling with is excellent to see in South Africa and I for one hope to see it succeed and lead to many more gamification adoptions!

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  1. Hello Jonno,
    I’m a South African living in San Francisco. I’m so thrilled to hear that businesses in SA are starting to adopt Gamification. The annual Gamification Summit took place this week and anyone interested in watching can view the entire conference online at FORA.tv. This is fantastic news for businesses back in South Africa. You can get all the insight you need, even though the conference has already happened and without an expensive trip to San Francisco. Enjoy at gsummit.fora.tv

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