Cloud Computing and What It Means for Digital Marketing

Cloud Computing and What It Means for Digital Marketing

As with any new technology that bursts on the scene such as cloud computing; there are always those who are massively for the idea and then those who resist the change and cling to their original ways more than a train to a railway track.

Digital marketers can use this conflict to position the new technology to do two things, first they can further entrench the idea with the early adopters and then they can ease the fears of those who are not willing to change and show them how something like cloud computing can make their lives easier!

There are 2 sides to this coin though; because cloud computing can have massive benefits for digital marketers as well; but let’s look at what cloud computing is first :

Cloud computing is the convergence of internet enabled technologies, virtualisation and the standardisation of IT. It provides users with a solution that is scalable and flexible in terms of both cost and resource availability. Arguably this is the next definitive step in the the evolution of IT services.

There are numerous areas of the business that are effected by utilising a cloud computing solution.

  • End-users can self serve – this means that a process no longer needs to be run manually by paid for staff; but rather by a client who can complete the process in their own time.
  • No Location dependence – the service is on as long as their is an internet connection meaning that your business can transact at any hour.
  • Flexible performance and load – the ability to scale both up and down as and when needed.
  • Flexible pricing and contract terms – the ability of subscribers to buy services as they are needed and terminate them when they are not.

Cloud Computing may be the greatest gift to digital marketers as they (we) are now able to  market and evangelise every part of the value chain that the customer would interact with..

What’s more, given the nature of an online environment, those self same customers will be sure to make use of their social circles and share their experience of each step of the process – digital marketers are then urged to listen to what is being said and feed this information back into the business to further improve the processes and the experience of the user.

Products and services are all commodities. It is the users experience that is going to differentiate business now and in the future. Cloud computing allows the user experience to be traced and tracked every step of the way for improvement.

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