Marketing demographics are old news!

Marketing demographics are old news!

Marketing demographics are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Marketing has changed shape and pace with digital marketing fast becoming the defacto standard for any and all marketing campaigns.

The thing is that with digital marketing being able to literally let you deliver a campaign to a handful of people; demographics are no longer specific enough to keep pace. Your target market is no longer comprosed of “South African females, aged 30 – to 45, matric and some secondary education, no children, who work in the financial services industry. As specific as this once was, it is now far too general for today’s demanding audience.

Buying Persona | who are you

So what should marketers be doing to ensure they have a clear picture of their audience in mind?! Marketers need to be creating Buying Personae. By creating a persona of who it is that you are trying to target you can be far more specific in ensuring that you are talking the exact language that they are ready to hear because you can empathise with a persona – where you cannot with a demographic!

A buying Persona needs to be tick four main boxes in order for it to truly revolutionise the way you are targeting your audience :

1. It Needs to be TRUE : You can’t make this stuff up. Go and ask your current clients who they really are.

2. Be specific : A customer profile can be relatively generic, surface characteristics. But a buyer persona needs to be to the bone; what makes this person tick; what are their fears, their ambitions, their needs and why they come to work every day!

3. A Buyer Persona is a translation of goals : Understanding what makes your target tick and what hurts them in their job daily, means that you can play on these points to highlight where and how you can make their lives less painful!

4. Test them in the real world : Your sales staff are the best place to internally gather as much data as possible to start creating your buying persona; but you HAVE to ask your actual target audience! After all they know themselves the best of anyone.

A buying persona helps you tell a story about your target audience and through doing so; you can ensure that your organisations positioning statement and value proposition are all pin point accurate at reaching that exclusive group of people that you want to hear your message!

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