Useful Features From Klout

Useful Features From Klout

klout_logoI have not written about Klout in a while; in fact I have not logged in to Klout in a really long time either. The craze of checking to see what my “Klout Score” was kind of passed and dwindled into obscurity slightly. But be that as it may I logged into Klout again during the week and I was pleasantly surprised by 2 things.

The first is that I still have a reasonable high Klout score. and Klout has been religiously tracking my Tweets; Status Updates and Mentions like a program possessed. This pleases me because it means that while many API’s and things have changed and been tweaked; Klout have kept pace and have continued to ensure that they are able to find out how talkative you have been.

Yes, that is still one thing that bothers me about Klout’s algorithm. If you talk a lot; your score goes through the roof regardless how engaged your audience is. [Tweet “That’s not really measuring influence; that’s measuring volume!”]

The second thing that really interested me and arguably this might prove to be the thing that keeps Klout relevant in my opinion is their move to allowing you to do 2 things.

One – they are taking a page out of the books of BufferApp and HootSuite by allowing you to create and schedule your content (Tweets; status updates, etc.) on their platform. This gets really useful when you move through the process slightly and you get to the point where they recommend people to include in your post – based on the content of your post.

Two – they are looking at OTHER content that has been posted by Klout users and are putting a relevance to you and your followers rating next to the content.

klout share

[Tweet “Now Klout are really building on relevance!”]

By understanding your individual networks and what content is really important to them (by in turn understanding their networks) we can begin to share a truly relevant net of content that adds value and doesn’t just measure the volume (read amount) of your social feed!

Well done to Klout on these advancements and I look forward to seeing how these evolve and what else gets added to your platform in the coming months!

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