South African QR Code innovation

South African QR Code innovation

I was quite surprised and pleased with the QR Code innovation I saw on tv this evening. The innovation comes from First Car Rental; who have launched their “Show & Go” card.


Essentially they have taken all of the good of QR codes and put them to use. The way that their card works, from the looks of it, is that you as a rental customer – sign up on their website with your personal and payment details. They will then in turn post a “Show & Go” card to you. This card has a personalised QR Code printed on it.

Once you have reserved your rental car online and you disembark the plane; no longer do you need to stand in a queue to announce your arrival at the airport; you simply walk to the pick up point where a consultant is waiting for you. (They confirm the bay number that your car will be in when you reserve your car.).

The beauty of their system kicks in here. You, as the customer DO NOT NEED A QR CODE READER! (I had to put that in bold because it is that cool!) The consultant takes your loyalty card – the one with the QR Code – and scans it with THEIR mobile phone to authenticate your card and process your rental. All you have to do is sign the checklist, jump in the car and off you go!

This system is going to work so well because they demand nothing of the user and place the burden of the technology on their own shoulders and show nothing but innovation and convenience to their clients!

This is the kind of innovation that has been desperately lacking for QR Codes. Hopefully the notion of taking the burden of needing a QR Code reader will be placed on the shoulders of more innovators as opposed to their clients, as this is possibly the only way that the humble QR code will become more mainstream.

The one area which I would like to know more about is how they have integrated the QR Code reader with their booking system which authenticates your payment and acknowledges that you have collected your vehicle.

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