Social Media : Addiction, Disease or Accepted Social norm?

Social Media : Addiction, Disease or Accepted Social norm?

Here comes another disclaimer. I seem to be doing this a lot lately. This article is not meant to be a dig at those who do the things I mention below. I am merely asking, from as neutral a view point as I can attain, why we (yes I said we) do these things? For whose benefit is it and how is it affecting all of us. This article is questioning more than it is laying blame; even though at times it doesn’t seem to be.

Is social media really all that social?social media disease

This is a serious question. When did the boundary between social media and real life become so grey and blurred? When did it become the social norm to walk in to a room, whip out the cell phone and “check in”, “tweet” (with geo-location) and “update your status”?

What about all the people that you are with? The friends that you have with you there and then; the ones trying to share the experience with you. Is it not a little anti-social to be continuously on your phone and screaming to the world, “I am here, watch me!”

I know that humans like to share. It is generally within our nature to let other people know who we are and what we are about; but why do we feel the need to do it all the time?

I understand that there are events of such huge magnitude that we cannot help but share it. These events give us social standing and give people a sense of who we really are. It gives our Twitter handle a persona, something that our followers can connect to. But how does a tweet which says, “morning ppl” add any value to my life whatsoever. If I had to Stumble Upon it (pun intended); it doesn’t really give me anything other than the fact that wherever you are, it happened to be morning when you tweeted it.

The difference between business social.

I understand that as a medium “social media” is still very young. There are no real rules governing what makes a good post / tweet / update; but surely a little common sense is required. Asking ourselves, is this tweet / update really going to help anybody with anything whatsoever.

social media bandwagon

Are we all not just jumping on the social media bandwagon; trying to amass a social status out of the amount of information (no matter how relevant) we push out in to the world under the banner of social media.

I am not for a minute saying that there is no value to be had from social media; nor am I saying that we need to completely segregate business from personal; this is near impossible in any event.

What I am saying is that we need to think for a second before we put something out to our social network as very often our networks are going to be a mixture of family, friends, clients and potential clients.

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