More On Online Marketing To The Rich

More On Online Marketing To The Rich

After the post I made a few weeks ago about marketing to the super rich online; Ive done a lot more thinking about the issue and spoken to a few others about it to try and broaden my understanding of the issue and see how others are feeling.

rich guy holding moneyOne critical thing which came up – something which I did mention in my previous post – starts to touch on this point. The heading was “be where they are”. Basically what this means is that you need to place your brand or product in the spaces and places where the rich are spending their time. The part which I didn’t mention is that you cannot simply use the same kinds of marketing tricks to do this as you normally would.

If you think that “normal” (I use this term loosely) people are good at turning off to unwanted marketing clutter, then you have not even begun to explore the super wealthy. They are expert at weeding through the marketing gumpf and simply turning off to advertising speak.

Market without marketing at all! (cryptic huh?)

The trick with the super wealthy when trying to reach them – online or offline – is to appear that you are not marketing to them at all. To the super wealthy – who by the way are looking for exclusivity – an ad placed that looks like it is screaming for business, is going to get glazed over with the rest of the pile. They want to know that they are special and that the ad they are looking at is especially 100% for their eyes only.

Keep It Fresh…

The rich (celebrities and non-celebrities) are all keen on having and showing off that they have the best and newest of something. That they were singled out and because they are who they are; they were given something first! They are cool and trend setters.

This needs to be used to the marketers advantage and kept top of mind when planning and executing any sort of campaign to the super rich.

Whether they are captains of industry or the latest, greatest Hollywood star; they want to be exclusive and have their egos stroked!

The 2 points that I have mentioned here are probably the most important facts about marketing to the super rich! The others points hold true, but if you can get these points right, then the rest will follow suit.

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  1. As you mentioned, I think the trick here is to mention the words “exclusive”, “luxury” and any other word that appeals to the product being that of non-standard status.

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