Marketing to the super rich online

Marketing to the super rich online

I have recently been asked to help a client of ours to look at new ways of reaching the super, obnoxiously rich online.

swimming in money

Now this presents two problems.

The first is : I am not superbly obnoxiously rich, so putting myself in their shoes is proving to be a challenge. (I am willing to take all

donations and I will willfully sacrifice myself for the greater good of having an answer to this question.)

The second is that there is very little difference at the end of the day between me and Cristiano Ronaldo. Ok, maybe there are a few superficial differences; and the slight little issue about him earning in excess of £120 000 a week.

Ok, so in truth there are a number of differences between the super wealthy and the average Joe in the street; but that should not affect the way in which a marketing campaign is put together.  The following factors are things that you should be looking at in any event when putting together any sort of campaign no matter who the target market.


The pace that the world is moving at today means that every single person out there is extremely pushed for time. This means that no matter how you are marketing yourself online make sure that you are taking as little of their time as possible. This does not translate into making the message less impactful, it just means that you need to ensure that you are giving them the relevant information that they need to make a decision about your product. The old adage here rings true : sell benefits, not features.


This goes hand in hand with the previous one, make sure that you are being relevant to what they are looking for. In other words, don’t take out an advert for baby diapers on the FHM Magazine website. Again, this is not something that is specifically true for trying to reach the super wealthy. This is true for any demographic.

Pull, don’t push

Make your marketing messaging compelling enough to your target so that you are enticing them – daring them – to look at what you have to offer. Everyone is bombarded with a multitude of marketing messages each and every day that are geared to try and make them take action. Offering bargains here, specials there, etc. etc. These are so done! It is time to pull people in and stop pushing offerings down on them.

Be where they are

This one sounds  a lot easier said than done, but in actual fact – it is pretty simple to work through. The super rich and the mundanely average are all consuming media on a daily basis. The first place to start is Search Engine Optimisation. Rich people use Google as well. Optimise your site and use PPC Marketing to reach them, just contextualize your site and ads to reflect your audience.

The social media wave that is sweeping across the world is an area where a lot of attention needs to be placed. The super rich may not have a lot of spare time available for themselves, but the majority are all using or at the very least watching and listening in on the social networks to see what is new and happening.

Taking their money

The super rich are rich because they know how to handle their money. The cardinal rule is to make sure that when you are asking them for their hard earned riches, you are giving them quality back in return. Again this should be no different to when you are marketing to Joe Bloggs from down the road.

If you feel I have missed some important points here about reaching the super rish online, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. I have some additional thoughts which I will follow up with another article later.

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  1. Excellent information, this is perfect marketing advice I especially like your example with regards to the Relevance, well done that is very clever – it also made me chuckle 🙂

  2. Cool Post. Can you perhaps do a post on PPC and other click and pay methods? I would like to know more in how you go about choosing the right keywords or Key phrases and the research/tools used for this. Another nice post I would like to know more about is ‘Opt In’ methods and how to use this to start a successful monthly newsletter.

    Hope this make sense.

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