Giving away stuff for free… Does it build LOYAL followers?

Giving away stuff for free… Does it build LOYAL followers?

If you read this article and forward it, like it or comment on it; you will not win an iPad, a Galaxy Tab or a PlayBook. There is a nasty trend that is developing throughout marketing – both online and offline – and that is the trend of giving away new and popular technology goods to “potential customers” who take action from the and either by liking on Facebook or following on Twitter.

What’s the point?
Giving away a “cool” product that is totally unrelated to your brand will definitely increase your following! But is it a following of potential customers? The simple answer is : no.

All this does is create a large following that is solely interested in winning something or getting something for free! They are not loyal followers who are interested in your product or service, they are fickle and self-serving.

Sure you might maintain a few of them after your campaign is done – but they are th lazy followers who still wouldn’t buy your product.

This is not building your brand adequately and in fact will probably do more harm than good. I am not averse to promotions and giveaways, but I am averse to wasting your time and money to literally just give something away. Rather use this money for some CSI initiative that can do some good if you really feel compelled to give something away.

Followers are NOT everything!
Having a large following or friend list is not the be all and end all of why you are engaging on social media! Social media is there for conversation and servicing a consumers needs. Having a large list who are not engaging with you does nothing for your engagement and even less for your brand.

Rather spend your time and money building a loyal following that is going to engage with you and help you to make your business better!


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