Discovery And Uber Collaboration

Discovery And Uber Collaboration

UberHealthSAIn a campaign which I personally think is a stroke of genius; Uber Johannesburg and Discovery are offering users the option to have a registered nurse travel (in an Uber) to your location and give you a flu injection for R 100 (for up to 5 injections).

I really admire this collaborative campaign for a number of reasons. The first is that brands should not be afraid to collaborate and share value between them. All too often brands are so concerned about their own presence and mission; that they forget that they really exist to serve their community. Granted every organisation wants to make profits; but those profits only exist if a community’s needs are being successfully met.

The second reason is: Uber is no stranger to controversy around their brand image. It has been tarnished in a number of countries more than once. From harsh criticism centered around their “Surge Pricing”; to people being attacked in cabs; to stories about the organisation taking advantage of their drivers. The list literally goes on and on. This campaign allows them to show that they are capable of doing right by their community. They are offering complete convenience  – which is ultimately what their brand stands for.

Discovery are by no means the poor cousins in this equation. They are getting as much mileage out of this (excuse the pun) as Uber. They are bringing healthcare to you. They are making it easy for you to stay healthy. This again is a big part of their ethos.

Let’s also not forget the HUGE cross marketing effect that this has. There are basically 3 levels:

  1. Discovery customers who are not Uber customers
  2. Uber Customers who are not Discovery customers
  3. customers of both.

They have either reinforced their brand to those who are customers of both organisations; or they have exposed a previously unconverted segment to their brand – and in a very positive light!

Uber Error MessageGranted not everything has run smoothly. This error message was being displayed on the Uber application during the early afternoon on the 22nd of May. But I don’t think that this is what we should be focussing on. Rather this should be a message to any other organisation that are looking at integrating with other brands.

Firstly – if you think your server has enough capacity – think again and double it!

Secondly – take heed of this message. Their servers have fallen over – that means that users were clearly taking advantage of this service! They liked it; and they want more!!!

Do not be scared of looking for forward or backwardly integrated partnerships! They can add a huge degree of differentiation to your respective brands and double the effectiveness of your campaign!

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