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Deep Linking With deep linkingThis seems like small trivial update on the part of Google; more specifically on the side of But the fact of the matter is that this is a real leap in terms of user experience and user interaction. Deep linking to a specific page / section of an app from 1 unique URL is massive. I am a little excited about this (not from a tech point of view really) but from a user experience and integration standpoint!

So a bit of background from the Webmaster Central Blog

Starting now, short links function as a single link you can use to all your content — whether that content is in your Android app, iOS app, or website. Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to set up App Indexing for Android and iOS, URLs will send users straight to the right page in your app if they have it installed, and everyone else to your website. This will provide additional opportunities for your app users to re-engage with your app.

 In short; once you have enabled this feature for your native application; your single link will be able to point users to the content on your website or if they have your app installed – to the content in your app. This level of integration means a few things :

  1. Your app is being integrated into your communications mix. It is not just another vehicle / platform that is sitting on the periphery that users will go to when they remember. Now when a users click on a link embedded in your mail or in a blog post etc. they will be directed to the app they have installed.
  2. Google is indexing native apps. These pages are showing up in search results and then they are – users who so not have the app installed are going to be prompted to download your application. This means that your app downloads are probably going to go up a lot.

This in itself is going to throw a lot of things into sharp contrast! Up until now, how many apps have actually focused on being search engine optimised?

[Tweet “Up until now, how many apps have actually focused on being search engine optimised?”]

Now your app is not just a “me too platform” that is attached to your strategy; it now forms a very real part of your search strategy. It needs to rank well!

The second part of this equation is that now your organisations app needs to actually add some value! Previously many organisations managed to get away with poorly conceived applications as they were new and not a really integral part of the communications strategy.

Now that search results are literally forcing (erm – read ‘guiding’) users to download and install your app I reckon we are going to see a flurry of organisations redesigning and redeveloping their native apps. Usability and content are paramount and with this development; are critical to any app success!

How big a change do you think this is going to be; I would love to hear from you!

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