Data Driven Everything – powered by in-memory computing

Data Driven Everything – powered by in-memory computing

cwc 2015If you are a cricket fan; keep reading. If you are not a cricket fan; keep reading! With the Cricket World Cup 2015 having literally taken the world by storm over the last few weeks; I thought this was an appropriate time to acknowledge the genius that is the SAP involvement in the CWC.

For the most part, when you speak to someone about statistics and data analysis and you can be reasonably sure that you are in for one of the most boring conversations of your life, punctuated only be the sound of your brain freezing over and many mentions of decimal points and standard deviations.

SAP have however realised that if there is one thing a true cricket fan loves; it is the ability to pull random facts and statistics out of absolute obscurity! Enter the CWC2015 app – powered by SAP.

I will get back to the app in a sec; but the real beauty behind this is twofold.Firstly they have constructed the most sublime of contextual content marketing strategies in the world! Cricket fans the world over are looking at the statistics being drummed up by SAP on an hourly basis as they see how their favourites are progressing in the World Cup.

SAP CWC stats

Secondly all the statistics are being crunched by SAP HANA – their in-memory analytics appliance. This has to be the makings of one of the greatest use cases for their appliance. They are showcasing the appliances ability to crunch massive amounts of real-time – structured and unstructured data; comparing to and analysing historical data and rending this in a way that allows the users of the app to dig a little deeper than the first high-level view initially presented as a default.

 This is the standard that all content marketing should be at! The subtle brand recognition and brand positioning is brilliant. The pervasive way in which you see the SAP brand is outstanding and is constantly being reinforced in such as way that I guarantee the next time you are potentially thinking about statistics for your business – your first unconscious thought is going to be SAP HANA.

What makes this even better is that they have integrated everything. All of the media (online and offline) are constantly referring to the SAP statistics of the CWC. Whether it is the radio commentators; the official CWC15 Twitter handle or the offline press; they have made SAP synonymous with outstanding cricket statistics – and that is the true power of content marketing done incredibly well!

I personally want to see if they can make us this excited about statistics for another sport – let’s try chess!

Your move SAP…

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