Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to jonathanhouston.co.zaHi there,

Welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to read it…

Over the next few weeks, months and years I am going to spend a lot more time putting down my thoughts on various things. From work related online marketing thoughts on online marketing strategy and design (including what to do and what not to do) all the way through to general rants and raves that any warm blooded South African will be able to relate to (this includes traffic, politics, and sport).

Please feel free to comment on any and all of my posts if you agree, but especially if you disagree!

I am really looking forward to the interaction through this blog and I hope that I can make is something that you all will be interested in following!

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  1. Welcome Jonathan.

    Hope you can help the non online marketing guys as well.

    I am not so sure that you will be able to convert me to be a Ferarri Fan or support the Stormers but I will definitely take part in your Online Marketing discussions.

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