The Business of Buzz Words

The Business of Buzz Words

Going forward let’s be sure to space bank the Web 2.0 technologies that we are currently utilising and ensure mind share and top of mind awareness. This will allow our social media to gain traction and stickiness with our top line strategy.

How many times have you come across most of the buzz words in that sentence!? (With my personal favourite being “going forward”…. Well we sure as hell aren’t going to time travel and sort it out now are we?!?)

The point that I am trying to make with this post is actually 2 fold and a personal bug bear of mine as well as that of some notable copywriters. The 2 guilty groups of people are.

Sales People maskerading as marketers.

This one has caught all of us out from time to time. Buzz words get thrown around as a way to trick and confuse us. Think about a car salesman who has sold you a car with SDI; VVT or HDI. They all sound incredibly awesome and we nod our heads and agree that we must have these things! But the truth of the matter is that we are too embarrassed to say that we actually have no clue about what we are being sold.

The trick here is to ignore the buzz words “wow” value and ask what it means and how it really adds value to what they are selling you and what it actually means. Very often the sales person has learnt that they can get by with only learning the acronym and as such don’t learn what each letter stands for.

Copywriters trying to fill out their content.

My other favourite is when copywriters use impressively fragrant and superlatively impressive words (see what I did there?) to fill out the space that they have to fill. These are buzz words as well. They might not confuse you – but an unnecessary adjective is there to fulfill the same objective as a normal buzz word : confuse and trick.

Turn The Buzz Off.

When looking at copy (as a copywriter or a consumer) cut out all the flowery language and get down to the real message behind what is being said! As a copywriter your copy will be far more compelling and easier to read. As a consumer you will quickly realise how often you are being lied to!

So the next time you are being bombarded with buzz words by a over zealous sales person; get them to stop and repeat everything that they are saying in plain old English; you will be better off because of it.

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