Technology: Is it saving us or damning us?

Technology: Is it saving us or damning us?

technology overloadI ask this with all the sincerity I can possibly muster while typing away on my laptop and being stared at by my smartphone and tablet; not to mention the hard-drive pushing audio through my skull. But…. Are we ready for all of this technology?

I get the fact that we have developed all of this technology with the disclaimer that it is to make our lives easier…. But is it really?

I started mulling over this a while ago; but when I saw this Coke advert; it put more things in perspective:

I have caught myself doing so much of this very often as well. Missing a sunset because of a tweet; texting at the dinner table and the list goes on!

Now I think I need to clarify – I am not¬†saying that we need to point all the blame at the smartphone; I also don’t think the blame even lays at the feet of the social networks as the problem goes deeper than that – true it is mostly manifest through the social and mobile channels – but as technology is pervasive so is this problem!

fridge tv

Honestly – do we really need a television in our fridges? Do we yearn to be kept abreast of the Bold And The Beautiful that much?!

The point I am trying to get to here is that while technology has moved forward at a rapid rate of knotts (completely blowing Moore’s Law out of the water) humanity has not evolved at the same pace! What is the equivalent Moore’s Law for human evolution? How many more brain cells need to fit into a square inch of human brain tissue? (he says, tongue in cheek).

Have we developed enough of the social rules; the emotional maturity and intellect to enable us to mange our technology enough. Sure we are smart enough to be able to invent it;but are we smart enough to know when to hold back on using it?

We live in a “now” world of instant gratification and pressure to deliver with an “always on” culture. When do we have time to appreciate each other any more; to have conversations with one another that do not originate from a key pad? (yes, I appreciate the irony!)

In this 21st century conundrum of life; are we moving towards a cataclysmic event where we devolve away from being connected on a molecular level and evolve to a post-humanism existence akin to Star Trek’s Borg?

There is time for another huge disclaimer for clarifications sake here! I am not saying that we need to return to the dark ages and turn everything off… I am saying that everything in moderation is good…

borgHowever I have an overwhelming fear that resistance truly is futile…… Prepare to be assimilated!

I would love to hear your thoughts so please share this and drop me a comment and let’s talk about it!!

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