Presentations; speeches and online content.

Presentations; speeches and online content.

This differs quite a bit from my usual type of posts, but it is a topic that has a rather tenuous link to online marketing – but more specifically – content marketing. You see, when you present content to a group of people at a conference or in a speech there is a specific format that needs to be followed but more importantly the content needs to have a purpose; it needs a “so what”..!

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The “so what” is what this article boils down to at the end of the day; but first let’s talk a little about the things that every presenter needs to know about their audience…

  1. First thing is first. If you are presenting to a group who are not experts in the field on which you are presenting or familiar with the subject at least; then you need to be sure to lower the level at which you are pitching your speech. You need to get rid of the jargon and the buzzwords so that the mortals in the front row have a clue about what you are trying to tell them.
  2. Statistics and facts are great to help you get your point across; but you are very quickly going to be the only one listening to yourself. If you are filling your presentation with facts and figures that will wash over most of your audience  then you are not only wasting their time, but your own as well.
  3. Pictures are a great way of getting a point across. The audience will love having a visual confirmation to the auditory message you are giving. The thing to be sure to be mindful of here is that the image must resonate with what you are saying.

Most importantly of all (and that’s why this does not have a number next to it – it transcends numbers! ) Your presentation needs to be engaging… You need to tell your audience a story that is relevant and meaningful in their lives; something that they can relate to.

There are many articles and presentations that talk about how best to order a piece of writing or a presentation (PowerPoint or otherwise) so I am not going to regurgitate them here; but they are all hovering around the same point. Show your audience why they should listen to you! Give them the compelling reason upfront that makes them sit up straight and understand why you are relevant to their lives.

Once you have done this; the rest of your presentation is simply reinforcing your initial message.

When we pull this back to content marketing; we can infer the same thinking. Do not waffle on about how you have a super excellent solution that none of your competitors have and that you will be sure to treat them like they are the only customers in the world… Bollocks!

Your audience is selfish and wants to know what’s in it for them; why should they care to read on and give you their time.

I’ve found that thinking about the time it takes for someone to read a piece of content or sit through a presentation is to think of them donating their time to you. It is up to you to make the most of that time and ensure that that they donate even more time to you. In other to do that you need to be sure to get your point across quickly; succinctly and in a way that resonates with your audience!

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