Marketing is Not Just About Attraction

Marketing is Not Just About Attraction

Marketing has a bad reputation, generally speaking, in business as being a cost centre. In a lot of executives minds, marketing is a simile for the “Coulouring In Department”.

All of the various marketing disciplines of: advertising; public relations; digital marketing (if we insist on pulling this out as separate); direct marketing; events and the list goes on; all of these are painted with the same brush. cost centres that are all about razzle dazzle; spending money and never showing a positive ROI or having a positive flow of interest down the funnel.

Marketing: Guilty As Charged

For the most part, marketers are guilty. We are guilty of solving the problem placed before us with something that looks immaculate. Something that attracts interest and intrigue like nothing you have ever seen… But that’s where it ends for a lot of us.

There is a lot more to the marketing world than just attraction. Attraction is only the first part of the equation! Granted it is vitally important; it needs to cut through the clutter of everyone else trying to attract an audience. It needs to ensure that your brand is noticed; that you are seen; that you are heard!

Sadly though businesses don’t run on likes, views, follows and “lols”… There needs to be a return on the investment made. There is another business objective that needs to be reached; one that gets your audience to open their wallets and part with their hard earned cash!

***sidebar: I am aware of brand adverts and brand marketing that is intended to get the audience aware of, familiar with and comfortable with a brand’s positioning and offering. But again, the job is bigger than just awareness.

What Comes After Attraction

A piece of marketing collateral is only as good as what it gets people to do next.

A simple example is an online banner advert. This is a great piece of real estate because you can measure exactly how many people saw it; how many people clicked on it and more importantly how many people just scrolled on by…

The objective post attraction is: Action! Marketing needs to make sure that the message is compelling enough to get someone to take an action. To click the button.

Here is some Average CTR data from Marketing Profs for 2017.

Here is a look at the Google Adwords 2018 data for Click Through Ratio’s by industry (provided by Hubspot).

What Does This Tell Us

Both of these pieces of information tell us the same thing:

  1. Online adverts have a place for brand building and awareness
  2. If we are getting responses from our online advertising; the expectations are really low
  3. There is a lot of money being wasted by not taking advantage of these mediums properly
Marketing's first job is to get people over the first click hurdle! Click To Tweet

Getting them past that first click hurdle is vitally important. That’s the first step in moving past a good looking piece of marketing collateral; to them showing their interest. It is a visible and active sign that they want to know more!

Next comes the page / place that we have sent them to. It needs to give them more information. We have to hold their attention. It must tell them how we are going to make their lives better and solve their problems.

This is where we win. This is where marketing sings for its supper! How we use all of the weapons in our arsenal to move past pure attraction to the heart and soul of why we are the right decision for our audience!

This is our objective! Attraction. Action. Advocacy. These three elements of marketing are what we must measure! These are the battle lines that have been drawn and where we take audience away from our competitor.

Customer Experience

Our total experience; not just our attraction must beat theirs. The customer experience is key throughout their journey. This is vital when elevating marketing to the exco level. Customer experience is no longer just the mandate of the CMO. Marketing is one piece of the equation. The CIO; CEO; COO and any other TLA (Three Letter Acronym) that chooses to have a seat at the executive table – they are charged with the customer experience!

Chiefly the CIO and CMO need to understand how they are fighting the same battle; just on two different fronts. They enable and complement each other and hold the key to winning the: Attraction. Action. Advocacy war!

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