Is Klout becoming more useful?

Is Klout becoming more useful? has been getting a lot of flack lately, with many blogs and bloggers saying that it is only as important as you want it to be. But has Klout’s latest move shed some light on their intentions of where they are wanting to take the platform?

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In the early days of Klout, and indeed up until a few days ago, Klout seemed largely to be a measure of how much noise a person made online. There was a slight bonus as it let you know what the user was most vocal about and had a few metrics in place to measure how often conversations about certain topics were had as well as measuring how often messages were retweeted or shared, but largely the more you spoke, the higher your Klout score.

So what’s new?

Klout have started rolling out a new aspect to the much talked about platform. Now you can easily identify who is influential on a specific topic. This new dimension to Klout indicates that they are beginning to get to grips with some additional aspects of social marketing and online reputation management.

Essentially, now you can identify users of the popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ who you should be following as they are influential on the topic that you are interested in.

Klout have called these new features “Topic Pages” and they allow you to also see content that has been shared frequently.

Essentially their measure of influence now has a purpose which goes a little further than just small bragging rights!

Whatever your opinion of Klout, I think that as The platform continues to develop, it is going to become one of the many platforms that “experts” are judged on when their peers as well as potential clients look at exactly how recognized their opinion really is; not to mention the potential for recruiters looking at finding that special new employee.

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