IMCC : Integrated Marketing Communication Conference

IMCC : Integrated Marketing Communication Conference

The Integrated Marketing Communications Conference is coming to Johannesburg in June of this year (6 – 7 June, 2011). This is the second time the conference is being held and the first time it is coming to Johannesburg.

What’s it all about?

The general thrust of the IMCC is to get industry experts to share their knowledge around integrating marketing communication and why this is important. These top speakers will be sharing their thoughts and ideas of marketing for the upcoming years as well.

The speakers include : Heidi Brauer; Isis Nyong’o; Walter Pike and Ben Wagner as well as a few mystery speakers from international companies ¬†marketing departments.

The conference will not only have the run of the mill conference format (speakers present and the masses listen) there are also workshops and a keynote panel discussion.

The workshops are there to ensure that you delegates get the most out of the conference and up close exposure to marketing experts; ensuring that you can ask the pertinent questions and get expert answers.

I will be writing more on the IMCC 2011 as we get closer to the date; and I will also be live blogging from the conference itself.

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