Entrepreneurs: Do they have to be creative and original?

Entrepreneurs: Do they have to be creative and original?

entrepreneurI have written a lot recently around how entrepreneurs can and should be taking advantage of technology and business trends that are drastically changing the way business functions. From using crowd funding to test an idea quickly; to being a social entrepreneur that understands how to take advantage of a community to ensure their product or service is as close to public demand as possible.

What I have not really delved into; is what an entrepreneur does.  Now I am not talking about the day to day operational requirements of an entrepreneur; I am talking about what makes an entrepreneur into an entrepreneur.

To me the concept is quite simple; an entrepreneur is anyone who sees an opportunity and builds a business around that opportunity. Taking something from concept through to sustainable realisation is in a nutshell what an entrepreneur does. Should that business be one that revolutionises the world as we know it (ala iPhone; iPod; iPad; etc.) then so be it.

But; and it’s a big but; I personally feel that an entrepreneur does not have to have an original idea for a product or service. My point is that an entrepreneur is someone who can do something better; quicker; cheaper or at least differently than an already established organisation; should they do that through invention and innovation then that is all the more sweet! But an entrepreneur is a catalyst and a motivator more than an inventor!

I feel too many entrepreneurs are discouraged from pursuing their own initiatives because they do not feel that it is new enough or different enough; but an entrepreneur who starts his own garden service company is no less valid or credible an entrepreneur than one who invents a new lawnmower!

The act of starting and successfully managing a new business is what needs to be celebrated. Out of this more agile environment is where operational efficiencies and innovation thrive.

Innovation does not breed entrepreneurialism; entrepreneurialism breeds innovation!

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