Care Norway: Dear Daddy….

Care Norway: Dear Daddy….

DearDaddyAs a South African male; having grown up in a society that has a persistent history of violence against women; this video by Care Norway certainly struck a chord. I urge you to watch this video – and share it far and wide! This 5 minute short film is an incredibly emotive, disturbing and powerful story; narrated from the point of view of an unborn baby girl, as a “Dear Daddy” letter. It will give you goosebumps and it will make you sit up & listen!

The girl explains how, as she grows up, boys will start to treat her badly; they’ll call her “whore” and “bitch” in high school, she’ll be raped at 21 and even her eventual fiance, a “decent boy” with a good job and a bright future, will subject her to various kinds of abuse.

The point of this video is not to highlight how awful men are. Rather; it’s to warn fathers-to-be; young men; boys and every man; that their own behavior may in some way condone harmful actions in others.

It is a warning that says by not calling people out for using sexist language and making jokes about women, we become part of a culture that encourages abuse – one that could have dangerous repercussions on our own children and family.

The Swedish version of the ad has already been viewed over 5 000 000times since it launched in early December, 2015. It was directed by Jakob Ström through Tangrystan Productions, for Norwegian agency Schjaerven.

This is an incredibly well thought out piece of communication. It is highly emotive and creates a degree of cognitive dissonance which makes it very memorable and supremely effective.

Watch it. Share it. Learn from it.

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