Blank Stares Don’t Help You Win At Customer Service

Blank Stares Don’t Help You Win At Customer Service

I have noticed an astonishingly absurd frequency in the amount of people relating stories with a frighteningly similar theme. around poor customer service. I mean, we are talking epidemic proportions here!

How many times have you walked  over to a shop assistant to ask a question about a product or service; only to be met with a cud-chewing blank stare; a nonchalant shoulder shrug and a flagrant disregard for any form of customer service?

In 2017 we find ourselves in a really difficult time as business owners and entrepreneurs alike. The economy is shrinking and consumers are looking at turning over every Rand they are thinking of spending at least three times before actually committing to a purchase.

So why are we so tolerant and complacent in accepting sub-standard customer service?

I mean – at this point I am not even talking about going to the extra mile; sadly all I am asking for is for people to be present; to arrive; to show up!

We seem to be living in a time where self-entitlement and profound laziness are the norm. Where we applaud and recognize mediocrity! “Thanks For Coming” awards have been flaunted with pride and enthusiasm – as the new normal!

But it’s not normal. It’s appalling!

Customer Service is an extension of your Brand

From a purely brand standpoint – the customer experience lingers in the mind of your customer far longer than the best and most engaging marketing or brand campaign. Therefore tolerance of mediocrity does more harm than the best of campaigns can do good!

Your brand experience is more than a brand purpose; a mission statement and a company slogan. Your brand experience is the continued delivery on the promise you make to your customer.

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If you fail to ensure that your employees are continually winning the hearts and minds of your target audience then your brand promise is a lie and you will soon find yourself without customers. Products and services can be a commodity; whereas superb customer service can bring incomparable differentiation.

This may sound harsh; but we need to ensure that we are demonstrating value at every point along the value chain! We need to continually delight and surprise our customers with excellent service as this is what they will remember.

Your flashy brand add; your clever logo and your beguiling social media strategy are nothing compared to a blank stare; a shoulder shrug and poor customer service.

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