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Progress Of Converged Platforms: Is It Inclusive?

Progress is what we all strive for. To be better. But progress can be inclusive (meaning it helps move everyone forward) or it can just be isolated individual progress (one small isolated step that does not advance the collective). Does … Continue reading

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Economic Restructuring through the Ages: What drives the change?

Economics has never really been a topic that has filled me with excitement and wonder. I have always viewed it as a “tick box” subject when it comes to studies. Well, that was until recently. Over the recent past I … Continue reading

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The Future of The Internet Will be Decided in 2014

Does that sound overly dramatic? Does that sound like a Hollywood blockbuster headline?┬áDid it shock you? Did it make you a little concerned? Well; good! The fact of the matter is that this article speaks to something that is critically … Continue reading

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