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Progress Of Converged Platforms: Is It Inclusive?

Progress is what we all strive for. To be better. But progress can be inclusive (meaning it helps move everyone forward) or it can just be isolated individual progress (one small isolated step that does not advance the collective). Does advanced network and platform integration automatically make it inclusive progress?

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Care Norway: Dear Daddy….

DearDaddyAs a South African male; having grown up in a society that has a persistent history of violence against women; this video by Care Norway certainly struck a chord. I urge you to watch this video – and share it far and wide! This 5 minute short film is an incredibly emotive, disturbing and powerful story; narrated from the point of view of an unborn baby girl, as a “Dear Daddy” letter. It will give you goosebumps and it will make you sit up & listen!

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Measuring the Entrepreneur

I am all for the mantra of “what gets measured; gets done”. But that leads to an interesting question. How do we measure the success of an entrepreneur? Do we insert the dreaded KPI? Do we look at sales figures and revenue? Do we look at staff count and retention? As in Net Asset Ratio; Gross Profit Margin; Cash Flow or some other accounting based metric?

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The Entrepreneur and Scale

entrepreneur scaleThere is a lot to be said of an entrepreneur that can really scale their business. One that can start it from nothing but an entrpereneurial vision and grow it into a large organisation. One that manages to get over the growth hurdles that confine a lot of entrepreneurial businesses to being as large as the entrepreneur can spread themselves thin.

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Discovery And Uber Collaboration

UberHealthSAIn a campaign which I personally think is a stroke of genius; Uber Johannesburg and Discovery are offering users the option to have a registered nurse travel (in an Uber) to your location and give you a flu injection for R 100 (for up to 5 injections).

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The great WordPress Security Debate

secure wordpressI have written about a lot of things on this blog. Most of which focus on the way to position and market your organisation or brand. I have delved a little into the intricacies of SEO and the like but I have usually steered away from one burning issue that I have come up against again and again recently. That of WordPress Security! A burning issue that in my opinion is very much misunderstood.

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Is it really self-service?

self service signIt is an obscure title I will give you that. So what am I on about?! So over the weekend I needed to log on to the DStv self-service portal to add a portable device to my account. I was all set; I had the serial number; my account number; the device number; everything. Everything that is except for the ability to actually log on…

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Merry Christmas!! Bah Humbug!!

Christmas treeMerry Christmas!! A bit shocked at the timing of this post? Well now you know how I felt when I walked into the Cresta Shopping Centre Checkers and was greeted with a hearty, “Merry Christmas!”, as I went through the doors and was further confronted by reindeer, fake snow and other festive wonders!! This post is a bit of a departure from what I usually write about, but the more I think over the experience the more I think that this is a tremendous brand and marketing issue which has been brewing for a very long time!

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The Future of The Internet Will be Decided in 2014

net neutralityDoes that sound overly dramatic? Does that sound like a Hollywood blockbuster headline? Did it shock you? Did it make you a little concerned? Well; good! The fact of the matter is that this article speaks to something that is critically important to every single person on the planet.

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Technology: Is it saving us or damning us?

technology overloadI ask this with all the sincerity I can possibly muster while typing away on my laptop and being stared at by my smartphone and tablet; not to mention the hard-drive pushing audio through my skull. But…. Are we ready for all of this technology?

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