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The Future of The Internet Will be Decided in 2014

net neutralityDoes that sound overly dramatic? Does that sound like a Hollywood blockbuster headline? Did it shock you? Did it make you a little concerned? Well; good! The fact of the matter is that this article speaks to something that is critically important to every single person on the planet.

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Agang South Africa and their digital presence

I wrote a post similar to this over two years ago when I essentially compared the DA to the ANC in their digital marketing strategies. With the rise of a new political party, Agang, to the South African political arena, I thought that maybe it was a good idea to have a cursory glance over their digital platforms to see what interest is being generated and what kinds of noises they are making.

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Social Media in the South African Local Government Elections

By the looks of things; some South African political parties are finally waking up to the digital revolution and are beginning to embrace online marketing and its integration with offline media. From having a functional website, through to using social media like Twitter and Facebook – the times they are changing!

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