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Economic Restructuring through the Ages: What drives the change?

economyEconomics has never really been a topic that has filled me with excitement and wonder. I have always viewed it as a “tick box” subject when it comes to studies. Well, that was until recently. Over the recent past I have become increasingly aware of the subtleties of economics and more over the various manifestations there of.  To be more precise, I have become quite fascinated by the evolution of economics or rather economic models over the past decade or so.

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Qualified Entrepreneurs

qualifiedIs there such a thing as a qualified entrepreneur? If so, what is it? Can you study to be an entrepreneur and what does that qualification look like? These are just the super high-level questions that are asked on a daily basis. The real crux of this article is twofold. The first is: can you teach someone to be an entrepreneur? The second is: does an entrepreneur need a qualification?

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The entrepreneur doesn’t have be the smartest person in the room

clever personThis is something that plagues businesses of any size and description. It is not just localised to SME’s and entrepreneurs. But the boss does not have to be the smartest person in the room!

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Measuring the Entrepreneur

I am all for the mantra of “what gets measured; gets done”. But that leads to an interesting question. How do we measure the success of an entrepreneur? Do we insert the dreaded KPI? Do we look at sales figures and revenue? Do we look at staff count and retention? As in Net Asset Ratio; Gross Profit Margin; Cash Flow or some other accounting based metric?

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The Entrepreneur and Scale

entrepreneur scaleThere is a lot to be said of an entrepreneur that can really scale their business. One that can start it from nothing but an entrpereneurial vision and grow it into a large organisation. One that manages to get over the growth hurdles that confine a lot of entrepreneurial businesses to being as large as the entrepreneur can spread themselves thin.

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When an entrepreneur is no longer an entrepreneur?

entrepreneur - slaving awaySo you have decided that you are an entrepreneur. You have started your journey into the unknown and have spread your wings. After a few months you recruit a few staff members; your business is growing. You have staff and financial responsibilities to people other than yourself. Does that mean that you are no longer an entrepreneur; but rather a small business owner?

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Are You Still Peddling A Commodity?

commodity products and servicesStrategy is something quite close to my heart. The challenge of unpacking a problem and looking at its various component parts is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing. Putting those pieces back together with a thorough understanding of where each piece goes as well as why it exists in the first place is a very satisfying feeling.

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The Sanctity Of A Website And The Initial Meeting

mediocrityFor those of you who follow my blog regularly (so both of you); you might know that I have recently made a change in my career; moving from Deloitte Consulting to HKLM – a strategic brand and communications agency. As part of my new role as Head of Digital Marketing I am looking at ways to augment our delivery.

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Align Content to Customer Journey

customer centricContinuing our theme about this being the year of the customer; I thought that today would be a great time to chat about content marketing. A facet of marketing that crosses seamlessly between online and offline. Although marketers the world over all agree that content marketing is vitally important; not all of them are getting it right.

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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Africa Programme – In Full Swing

Technology has become the the primary driver of change and innovation in business around the world, but nowhere is this more important than in our very own African continent.

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