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What is a digitally-led brand really?!

Branding-Digital-AgeThis notion of a digitally-led brand still gives me pause for thought. Mostly because of the million different definitions and versions about what it means to be digitally-led. This disruption of branding, if you will, is not something unexpected. This is not a new problem.

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Data Driven Everything – powered by in-memory computing

cwc 2015If you are a cricket fan; keep reading. If you are not a cricket fan; keep reading! With the Cricket World Cup 2015 having literally taken the world by storm over the last few weeks; I thought this was an appropriate time to acknowledge the genius that is the SAP involvement in the CWC.

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Useful Features From Klout

klout_logoI have not written about Klout in a while; in fact I have not logged in to Klout in a really long time either. The craze of checking to see what my “Klout Score” was kind of passed and dwindled into obscurity slightly. But be that as it may I logged into Klout again during the week and I was pleasantly surprised by 2 things.

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Facebook and Wolfram Alpha; a data visualisation of your life

wolfram alpha logoFacebook and Wolfram Alpha do not naturally go together in the same sentence. Now, I am sure you all know who Stephan Wolfram is! If not, he is the gentleman who gave us Wolfram Alpha; the computational knowledge engine (which is a whole lot more than just a search engine. A computational knowledge engine gives you access to the world’s facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics.) So what does Stephan Wolfram have to do with Facebook you ask?

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My Heavy Chef Interview on Social Advertising Spend

Heavy Chef logoWendy Tayler, the Heavy Chef Editor, interviewed me during the week to find out my thoughts on whether or not we are spending too much on social media advertising. The interview then also touches on marketing analytics and the use of big data to understand and come to grips with how and where marketers can make a difference to their campaigns.

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The Devil Is In The Data!

There are analytics and metrics these days to cover pretty much each and every segment of your business. Some of these metrics are freely available (if you know where to look) and others are purpose built and intrinsically linked to your business objectives. The trick is knowing exactly how much faith to put in to metrics and when…

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