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What is a digitally-led brand really?!

Branding-Digital-AgeThis notion of a digitally-led brand still gives me pause for thought. Mostly because of the million different definitions and versions about what it means to be digitally-led. This disruption of branding, if you will, is not something unexpected. This is not a new problem.

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The great WordPress Security Debate

secure wordpressI have written about a lot of things on this blog. Most of which focus on the way to position and market your organisation or brand. I have delved a little into the intricacies of SEO and the like but I have usually steered away from one burning issue that I have come up against again and again recently. That of WordPress Security! A burning issue that in my opinion is very much misunderstood.

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My Heavy Chef Interview on Social Advertising Spend

Heavy Chef logoWendy Tayler, the Heavy Chef Editor, interviewed me during the week to find out my thoughts on whether or not we are spending too much on social media advertising. The interview then also touches on marketing analytics and the use of big data to understand and come to grips with how and where marketers can make a difference to their campaigns.

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Cloud Computing and What It Means for Digital Marketing

As with any new technology that bursts on the scene such as cloud computing; there are always those who are massively for the idea and then those who resist the change and cling to their original ways more than a train to a railway track.

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