Progress Of Converged Platforms: Is It Inclusive?

Progress is what we all strive for. To be better. But progress can be inclusive (meaning it helps move everyone forward) or it can just be isolated individual progress (one small isolated step that does not advance the collective). Does advanced network and platform integration automatically make it inclusive progress?

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Fashion | Saving | Technology and Changing A Culture

There is a lot of media attention around the new Mna Nam saving fashion accessory ; but what is the point of it really?!

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Blank Stares Don’t Help You Win At Customer Service

customer service is not won through blank staresI have noticed an astonishingly absurd frequency in the amount of people relating stories with a frighteningly similar theme. around poor customer service. I mean, we are talking epidemic proportions here!

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Coaching: Good Coaching Should Never Never Be Underestimated

Coaching : Entrepreneurs Take HeedCoaching. This is a bit of a departure from what I usually write about.  There is however an underlying thread that links it back to digital marketing and branding.

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What is a digitally-led brand really?!

Branding-Digital-AgeThis notion of a digitally-led brand still gives me pause for thought. Mostly because of the million different definitions and versions about what it means to be digitally-led. This disruption of branding, if you will, is not something unexpected. This is not a new problem.

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Post-Digital; But Not Quite Yet…

conversionI believe as consumers we are moving rapidly towards the concept of being post-digital. The state where we expect everything to happen seamlessly online. The point where the thought of being inconvenienced by having to move to an offline process gives us nightmares.  I do not believe that every organisation trying to push a post-digital agenda is necessarily doing it correctly.

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Entrepreneurs and the Habitual Funding Cycle

fundingI’ve been working with entrepreneurs through Endeavor for a little over five years now; and I have noticed a definite trend with a number of entrepreneurs. There seems to be a default level of comfort that a number of new entrepreneurs and definitely serial entrepreneurs seem to fall back on.

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Physical Space as a Factor of Culture

physical space office layoutThe last few articles I have written have all focused exclusively on the factors which influence culture. This is critically important for any business to understand; whether you are an entrepreneur starting to expand; or a multidimensional business battling to get everyone pulling in the same direction. Culture is what keeps your business on track. This is not at the cost of strategy or marketing execution and good sales service; but rather at the behest of it!

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Transparency as a Factor of Culture

Transparent-businessEntrepreneurs are often very consumed with their product and the way their product is perceived in the market. They default to business metrics and market penetration as metrics for their business success; which is absolutely right. There is often one metric which is over looked; and that is “culture”.

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Organisational Design as a Factor of Culture

Following on from a recent post where we looked at how entrepreneurs could ‘culture’ culture; we identified 6 elements that influence corporate culture. One of these was organisational design.

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