Technology: Is it saving us or damning us?

technology overloadI ask this with all the sincerity I can possibly muster while typing away on my laptop and being stared at by my smartphone and tablet; not to mention the hard-drive pushing audio through my skull. But…. Are we ready for all of this technology?

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Digital Marketing: Part of Marketing or Part of Digital?

digital marketingAs we move more towards the postdigital – meaning that digital touches all parts of our lives; both at work and at home almost constantly; we face┬áconundrums that force us to understand where certain functions in the organisation should it. One of the most paramount of these discussions is that of Digital Marketing. Should Digital Marketing sit within the Marketing function or should it sit within the Digital Department or the IT Department?

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Entrepreneurs: Do they have to be creative and original?

entrepreneurI have written a lot recently around how entrepreneurs can and should be taking advantage of technology and business trends that are drastically changing the way business functions. From using crowd funding to test an idea quickly; to being a social entrepreneur that understands how to take advantage of a community to ensure their product or service is as close to public demand as possible.

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Is Crowd Funding Right For You?!

crowd fundingTowards the end of 2013 I wrote a piece on Social Entrepreneurs and how the proliferation of social media networks have made it incredibly easy for entrepreneurs to connect with potential customers and business partners. Today I want to explore some thoughts around Crowd Funding and the potential that entrepreneurs have again to explore the symbiotic relationship that inherently exists between being a social entrepreneur and crowd funding.

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Social Media Entrepreneurs

social media entrepreneur

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Wearable Technology – is it that awesome?

Wearable Technology
This is one of those posts where you are pretty sure that you are going to pick up some flack from futurists and the like who are all ready to essentially lay down their lives to wearable technology and any other invention that starts bringing us close to post-humanism.

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Social Business: 5 characteristics of a connected enterprise

Unlock Social Business within your organisationSocial business is a term that is taking the business world by storm of late. Some have defined it as the zenith of social media marketing – in other words a way that social media can finally prove its worth to the organisation. Others define it as a way of digitizing the pre-existing social relationships within your organisation.

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Mass Social Dysfunction

dysfunctional junction

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What is a measure of authority on Social Media?

This is more of an observation and some social commentary than a definitive choice in what social media authority service to use. Perhaps that is because there are too many flaws in the currently available social media authority figures.

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Content Marketing: What’s The Real Truth?

content marketingContent Marketing has become one of the greatest marketing buzzwords in use today. Everyone seems to be jumping on the content marketing bandwagon; but very few are thinking through all the aspects of content marketing and this is what makes content marketing fall short of its promised mark. The following will outline the six aspects of content marketing that need to at the very least, be thought through to ensure that you have a holistic approach to content marketing planning! A content marketing approach still requires a business case to motivate to the business that a content marketing strategy is a definite strategic route for your business with tangible business results.

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