When is an entrepreneur no longer an entrepreneur?

the entrepreneurSo you have decided that you are an entrepreneur. You have started your journey into the unknown and have spread your wings. After a few months you recruit a few staff members; your business is growing. You have staff and financial responsibilities to people other than yourself. Does that mean that you are no longer an entrepreneur; but rather a small business owner?

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Deep Linking With Goo.gl

goo.gl deep linkingThis seems like small trivial update on the part of Google; more specifically on the side of goo.gl. But the fact of the matter is that this is a real leap in terms of user experience and user interaction. Deep linking to a specific page / section of an app from 1 unique URL is massive. I am a little excited about this (not from a tech point of view really) but from a user experience and integration standpoint!

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Discovery And Uber Collaboration

UberHealthSAIn a campaign which I personally think is a stroke of genius; Uber Johannesburg and Discovery are offering users the option to have a registered nurse travel (in an Uber) to your location and give you a flu injection for R 100 (for up to 5 injections).

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Digital Addition

modular digitalI thought we were over this… I thought we had already had this little talk; that we were all on the same page… It seems that I was mistaken… I am of course talking about the digital evolution. The incorporation of digital in marketing and communications.

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Are You Still Peddling A Commodity?

commodity products and servicesStrategy is something quite close to my heart. The challenge of unpacking a problem and looking at its various component parts is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing. Putting those pieces back together with a thorough understanding of where each piece goes as well as why it exists in the first place is a very satisfying feeling.

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The Sanctity Of A Website And The Initial Meeting

mediocrityFor those of you who follow my blog regularly (so both of you); you might know that I have recently made a change in my career; moving from Deloitte Consulting to HKLM – a strategic brand and communications agency. As part of my new role as Head of Digital Marketing I am looking at ways to augment our delivery.

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The great WordPress Security Debate

secure wordpressI have written about a lot of things on this blog. Most of which focus on the way to position and market your organisation or brand. I have delved a little into the intricacies of SEO and the like but I have usually steered away from one burning issue that I have come up against again and again recently. That of WordPress Security! A burning issue that in my opinion is very much misunderstood.

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Is it really self-service?

self service signIt is an obscure title I will give you that. So what am I on about?! So over the weekend I needed to log on to the DStv self-service portal to add a portable device to my account. I was all set; I had the serial number; my account number; the device number; everything. Everything that is except for the ability to actually log on…

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Data Driven Everything – powered by in-memory computing

cwc 2015If you are a cricket fan; keep reading. If you are not a cricket fan; keep reading! With the Cricket World Cup 2015 having literally taken the world by storm over the last few weeks; I thought this was an appropriate time to acknowledge the genius that is the SAP involvement in the CWC.

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Align Content to Customer Journey

customer centricContinuing our theme about this being the year of the customer; I thought that today would be a great time to chat about content marketing. A facet of marketing that crosses seamlessly between online and offline. Although marketers the world over all agree that content marketing is vitally important; not all of them are getting it right.

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